Would You Let Me See Beneath Your Beautiful?

This post's name is because the song was playing on the radio when I was thinking of a title, I was hoping it would go with the theme of the post but when I thought about it I realised its the complete opposite. This post is about alot of hair and lots of make up.

Over the past two days, I realised how big a part of my life this blog has become, I didnt have time to post for two days (ill explain) and it was all i could think about. Well, I'm back now and very excited to tell you what was so important that I didn't have time for my beloved blog!!

My friend Natasha is an apprentice at Charles Worthington, Holborn. 
She needed a model for their annual apprentice hair show in front of Charles himself! Very exciting. She dyed my hair a little bit darker and added caramel highlights. That was the easy bit. Yesterdsay I went down to the salon at 2.30 and left at 7.30 for the show. Take a look at my hair and outfit below which was all left up to Tasha to choose. I think she did great!

What do you think?

Shoes - Fashion Union
Disco Pants - River Island
Blazer - No idea (sorryy)
The second part of this post is make up - Fake Eyelashes to be exact.
Yey :)
 I'm getting more and more adventerous with them (as you will see in two near future posts I have lined up) 
These, I think are lovley, a little bit more outragous than the plain ones but still perfectly acceptable for a normal, pretty, everyday look.

Lashes - £4 - Stargazer
Dress - Motel Rocks 


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  1. thank you for the kind comment on my blog. you look amazing- i love the hair change, and the look for the show is fantastic. your friend done an amazing job. i used to hair model for my sister all the time (up until i statred uni) and its a lot of fun. the lashes are awsome! looks great for a night out

  2. Love it! You look great and I love that dress!!!! :) x

  3. haha I get the K Stew comments all the time! And... you're gonna hate me for this.. but I can totally see the resemblance between you two! x

    1. hahah thankyou but i think you look like her more ;)

  4. love your hair color! and agree with the comment above me, you have a very beautiful body figure :)

  5. Sooo gorgeous,honey!;)

  6. awesome! congratz to you and your friend, the hair looked amazing <3
    thanks so much for your comment! I'm following you with GFC. I would love if you could follow me back <3
    Lali pops of colour

  7. well done girl . x

  8. Thankyou!! and i know :D they are so cute

  9. I think your friend did a great job (and she looks a bit like Cheryl on the first photo). Love the eye lashes - such a sweet idea. x

  10. So pretty, your make up is perfect :)


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