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Yesterday I traveled into london to attend the Dahlia Christmas Blogger Event. I say travelled like it took hours, it was only one train on the underground for me. I love living so close to london.

I wanted somthing that was easy but still  looked good but then not too over the top becuase it was only an afternoon event. I wore my 

White Midi - ASOS
Creepers - Fashion Union

I finally found the shop after wandering the wrong way down carnaby street for a goot ten minutes. Canaby Street is a great location, right in the heart of London's (and maybe the world's) best shopping arena, just behind oxford street. I was one of the first there. This was intended so that I was able to see the shop and all the lovley clothes properly before it got to crowded and gave me a chance to talk to all the important people of the day!

As I walked in I was greeted with a glass of bubbly which is always very nice. I then spent a little while speaking to the owner, Tracey, before everyone else got there which was a great opportunity for me! She told me how she started up the brand ten years ago with her sister, Leigh, selling their designs at Portobello market. Sounds like it was a lot of hard work but in my eyes, it had deffinatly payed off for them! Tracy Looked amazing dressed all in Dahlia, she wore the Denim Open Shoulder Embellished Collar Blouse with a beautiful sparkely pleated skirt (which I cant find on the site hmm)

I also had a chance to speak to the PR girls, giving them my new homemade buisness cards (which I am very proud of) then had a couple of polariods taken by the DAHLIA signs, they took photos of everyone who came and then clipped them up on a piece of string all hung up together. A lovley touch.

As more and more bloggers arrived, champagne flowed and we all looked around the lovley little boutique shop. The clothes sparkeld as we looked though them. They consisted mainly of sequins, glitter, floaty material and lots of peterpan collars all very feminine and pretty but then we had some leather, some feathers, some studds for a few edgier pieces.


 We were treated to our own customeised collar clips!! We had a choice or three chains and whatever charms, I chose spikes with stars! They also held a raffel and I won 10 store credit which I'm very excited to put towards somthing in the store. I'll be spending the next hour on the website!

It was lovley meeting bloggers that I already follow and some who I hadn't met before. I spent most of my time at the event with Maya and Carmen who i met there, they were great, very quirky characters with amazing dress sence! We went out for a bite to eat at pret afterwards, checked out our super goodie bags and chatted about the event. I think we could become good friend in the future!

The one thing I would change about the day, is taking a real camera and not just my phone. Im sorry for the horrible quality photos and promise to get a camera sorted for any future event posts!

All in all I had a great time looking at all the beautiful clothes and met some really cool people. Thanks Dahlia!


  1. the collection is amazing.. i love the metallic pieces!
    thanks for dropping by my blog!

    xo, Carla

  2. wow, i LOVE your dress here! You look so chic and elegant!


  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the clothes!


  4. Great photos! Some beautiful pieces!

  5. Like the dress you're wearing!

  6. Wow, beautiful clothes! You looked so lovely too! :)
    I'm following you now. :D If you want, you can find me on:
    Lots of love! <3

  7. oh how fun! this must have been such a great time. thanks for posting these photos. you look amazing of course. i really love the black and gold dress, too.. so pretty.

    1. It was great! and thankyou :) that was my fav too

  8. Aw you look lovely - sad I missed this event, now!

    Lela -

  9. what a gorgeous dress!
    Xo Megan,

  10. Looks like you had a really great time!

  11. Lovely blog you have, like your photos..:)
    follow you now :)

  12. glad you enjoyed the day, was a pleasure having you! :)

  13. oh who is your friend? and thankyou :D

  14. What a cool event. I like places that treat bloggers with respect. Glad you had fun. And I like your blog!

  15. This looks like such a fun event :) Making custom collar clips also kind of sounds like a dream since I've been searching for the perfect pair.

  16. Oh my, what a fun event, Dalia makes such gorgeous and adorable dress, this must had been just way to much fun to attend. I love your midi dress, the print and the strong shoulders are so dramatic!

  17. nice blog, I invite you also to me, I hope you like it,,,,,

  18. Looks like a fab event! I love your dress, I've had my eye on it for a little while x


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