This outfit is somthing quite diffrent for me, I dont really wear or own much red, but I love it.

I think a touch or red, whether it be bright lipstick, a clutch, bracelet or shoes adds a lovley touch of colour into a simple outfit and can sometimes make it look really classy! This is more a fun touch of red because I'm not sure you can make huge red eye lashes look classy! But they are deffiantly fun and very show stoppery.

This was the first time we tired to take photos while it was actually dark outside. I'm not sure I like the style of photo to much but I do love my red accessories!

These eyelashes are another pair from StarGazer, they have the greatest novelty lashes ever, there are so many colours, shapes and styles. Crazy fake eyelashes are so easy to do and bring alot of attention but you hardly see anyone wear them! I think they fit great with this outfit!

The shoes you will have seen everywhere I'm sure; but since I first saw them, red have been to only colour for me. If your going to have such an outragous shape then you need and ourtagous colour to match!
 Socks and heels are becoming more and more common in my outfits now its getting cold 

Does anyone know where i can get some supercute cheap frilly socks?

Lashes - StarGazer*
Top - Primark
Shorts - H&M
Shoes - AMIclubwear*


  1. Cute outfit. I don't own much red either, but I love red lipstick. Great shoes - but how are they for walking in???


    1. they dont actually fit me 100% but im sure if they did theyd be fine to walk in becuase they wernt too bad x

  2. Cute outfit, especially the shoes :)

    I definitely follow you, also on twitter, would you like to follow each other?

    xoxo from Italy :)

  3. Oh wow, didn't expect to see the lashes at all! Love the shoes very much. x

  4. One word to describe those shoes- EPIC! X

  5. I LOVE those shoes! And the lashes look gorgeous on you - I agree, it's just the right amount of brightness :) Primark usually has some nice frilly socks?

    Remember to enter the GIVEAWAY over at! THREE prizes are to be won! Enter now! xx

  6. So cool! I really like your blog:)

    xx Marianne

  7. stunning shoes!


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