Christmas Wishlist

I want to many clothes is year, everything is just so pretty so check out my favs below!

Creepers - Arn't these just amazing! Like most people I have the normal creepers but I want these triple platform ones, they make so much more of a statement and at just £26 from ebay how can you resist!! I might end up buying them for myeslf!

Bralet - Motel have brought out this amazing colour sequin material, honestly I would take every item they make with it.

Disco Pants - Been super lusting after these for ages. The colour is so different to the run of the mill disco pants. Looks like I got a bit of a green and blue thing going on.

Lace Socks - I only wore lace socks for the first time last week, and it was kinda an accident because I didn't have other socks and they just appeared. They had pink frills which is all well and good but white would be lovley with black shoes, the giant creepers maybe ;) ;) 

Flower Crown - This crown makes me want to wear it with a floaty white dress and run though a field. I want to be a field pixie, This crown is a beautiful colour and would stand out great against my hair. I have been a fan of this piece for nearly a year now its just so lovley.

Red Crop - Just because it's winter dosent mean I have to stop wearing crop tops, just make the sleeves longer and your good to go. I have a black one which I wear alot, and red just seems like the next step. A lovley addition to my collection.

Came Jeans - My mum ironed all my black jeans at once last week and it seems I have 5 pairs of the same plain black skinny jeans, I think its time to mix it up a little, dont you?

Dress - This was only released this week. I love the pattern on it, just a fun dress. Looks like my kinda think.

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  1. Such great picks! I love them all, except Creepers, never been the biggest fan of them!

  2. Fantastic picks. I love the triple soled creepers- I have a double pair abd LOVE them.
    The crown and glory Rose headband is an essential- I want one!
    Thanks the lovely ommebbon my blog- the garters are a DIY and are really easy I'd you want o give them a go

  3. OoO I love those skinny jeans from new look! And I have those lace socks.. I have this thing about socks lol I collect 'em, lol! I love everything you picked :) xx

  4. wow i love everything! especially the lazy oaf dress

  5. Good wishlish ^^
    I hope you will have all :)

    New post - Kisses ♥

  6. Love those new look skiny jeans <3

  7. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    great selection, those creepers are insane!

  8. I'd rather like a pair of camo skinnies too, great minds... ;)

    The Style Rawr!

  9. Lovely blog! What about following each other? Lemme know! ;)

  10. i love everything you have picked out, your blog is lovelyyyy btwz, keep up the good work :)

    (open to all)

  11. Thanks for sharing these great deal! Also thanks for visiting my blog!
    Let me know if you want to follow each other :)
    Have a great holiday!

  12. what a fun list! hope you get them!

  13. love your wish list. shoes are amazing. do u like follow each other?

  14. the creepers and disco pants are gorgeous!


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