Sunshine Barbie

I've wanted to add this crop top to my collection for so long! I first saw the design months ago on a bodysuit in Miss Selfridge, then I found it on leggings and as soon an I saw the crop top version, I knew it wouldn't be long before I owned one! 

Today, It was aslo warm enough to whip out my favourite ever item of clothing - my light denim shorts, how exciting! And while were going with the whole barbie thing, why not add in some pink hair as well? You know, just a little bit.

Today Andrew and myself played with Molly but it wasnt long before she was tired out, it was so hot and she has thick black fur, all she wanted to do was go and sit in the shade, what a cutie.

All I need now is a cocktail! Me and Andrew are going out for dinner with friends tonight so I might get a cheeky one there!

Top* - OMGFashion
Shorts - H&M
Hair Extensions* - Hair Passion

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  1. I love that top! I saw it on Ebay and was going to buy it along with the skirt

  2. I saw that dress and I was so tempted! You look great x


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