My Dungaree Debut

OK I've jumped on the bandwagon and now i have a pair of denim dungarees. I would have joined in with this huge trend ages ago if I could have found a pair that I love but it was just impossible, I literally tried on about 7 pairs as well as looking all over the internet for the perfect pair but I just couldn't find any I liked. I nearly bought the £12 pair from Primark but they weren't high waisted, the ones from Topshop were a funny colour - it was just a nightmare! I didn't think it was gonna happen.

 and then... 

Missguided to the rescue - as per usual. They had the perfect pair. A sturdy denim in the right colour, high waisted and short enough in the butt area. They are everything I've been looking for. and the best thing about dungarees? The look their best when worn with a crop top ;)

Flowers - Primark 
Crop - ASOS
Dungarees* - Missguided
Belt - Brothers 
Converse - Camden

Missguided have some amazing new stuff in at the moment, I love their bardot styles. They some in so many colours, and different pieces - crops, bodycons, skaters, peplums! Turquiose and Paisley are my two faves atm.

I also know they are out in Barcelona shooting their new range at the moment, I'm so excited to see the images! I am totally becoming a Missguided Freak and I love it!!

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  1. these dungarees look amazing on you! dont think i have the legs to pull them off haha x

  2. Ooooh you look so cute in these, they're really sweet!


  3. Aww the dungarees look so so cute!
    Love the floral head piece too.

  4. love them and i'm also loving missguided's stuff too

  5. im gonna have to buy these pair now ive been searching for months!! you look amazing in them! please check out my blog? thankyou :) x

  6. Great pics :)

    Kisses from Glasgow :)

  7. eee those overalls looks so good on you! love the flowers ya cutiiiee


  8. I love that outfit! I'm really loving dungarees at the moment, I just can't wait til the weather warms up enough so I can wear mine without freezing to death haha xo

  9. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog the mesh crop HAD to be mine :)
    Fantastic pair if dungerees I agree the only way to wear them is with a crop top.

  10. Cute outfit, the pink dungarees are just calling to me xx

  11. Cute dungarees! I love the way you've styled them too with the cute flower crown! Looks great!
    You have a really great style of writing!
    I would love to follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know with a comment and I always follow back.
    Lots of love from London.
    Love G xx


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