Stormy Days

When I woke up today the sun is shining. As soon as I left the house and realised that the sun had decieved me. The wind was crazy. I can't wait until it's sunny and actually hot at the same time. As well as that, when I got home from yet another trip into London this week, there was a storm brewing. It was madness, I came out of the station and the sun was shining so I bought myself an ice cream, the when I started walking home I noticed the sky was getting greyer and greyer and all of a sudden its pouring. So I am walking home eating ice cream while it's thundering and lightning. Lucky I live close to the station because I just got home just asthe first of the thunder started. Although when I got in the dog was terrified and she though I was the thunder and lightning and she kept running away from me. Not cool.

Anyway here's a lovely summery outfit. Obvs I'm wearing my favourite crop top and my new acid wash denim skater skirt from Missguided. I love this shape skirt from them. It's the same and my metallic blue one. It has a hidden zip at the back and fits my perfectly.

The converse I forgot I had, but I was so happy to find them in the cupboard the other day. They are are covered in silver sequins and are super pretty. I didn't have a pair of light converse so it was nice to have these back in my life. My grandparents bought them for me when I took them to Camden a few years ago.

Sunglasses - Primark
Crop - ASOS
Skirt - Missguided
Converse - Present from my Grandparents :)
I can't wait for Missguided to bring out their summer stuff. I have seen some sneaky previews and there is some amazing stuff to come!

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  1. I love this outfit lovely and it definitely has summer written all over it. Missguided do the best skirts! :)


  2. LOVE that skirt! And the converse, you look lovely :) x

  3. Such a great outfit : ) totally ready for summer .
    really like your sunglasses.

  4. Whoop about her crop top look. Whenever I look at your blog it inspires me to get my own midriff out.

  5. I'm glad you made it home before the storm hit. Way back when our family had a dog she was terrified by thunder too.

    I love the look of your outfit. Your ASOS crop top and Missguided denim skater skirt look pretty together. The converse and your Primark sunnies are a nice touch.


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