Reliving Prom Inspired By Fashtag TV

After watching Fashtag TVs latest TFIF (Thank Fashtag Its Friday) Prom Style video, it got my thinking about my own prom. I had a kinda weird prom, it was held in Envy, you know Liquid and Envy? The nightclub chain haha. Anyway this meant that rather than the normal prom dresses we all went out and bought clubbing dresses which was quite a challenge considering I was only 15.

While I was shopping for mine at lakeside with my mum, we came across a pretty little strapless dress (or so I thought LOL). It was a pink bandeau with ruffles and a tailored black skirt but as I tried it on I soon found out it wasnt a skirt, they were shorts. This was my first ever experience of a playsuit up until then I didn't even know they excisted. I was so baffeled, as was my mum why is this skirt not a skirt!? Neither me nor my mum knew what was going on haha that memory always sticks in my mind lol. As you might imagine we didnt end up buying it hahah

Heres what I ended up wearing (I'm the one on the left, just incase you didnt realise)
Never the less nearly four years on I am now fully aware of what a playsuit is and how it works and I own rather a few of them!

This one in particular reminds me very much of my experience with that very first playsuit. Aw the memories it brought back when I tired it on. 

What a lovely little bargain it was, £14.40 in the Lashes of London sale down from £48. I love the back on this and the cut out style, it also has built in cups which is great. I hardly ever go braless but on this occassion I was fine! I paired my playsuit with some best ever bargain £4 heels and a bracelet that was given to my by the lovely Elisha Francis when I walked for her at High Street Fashion Week. All worn with very little makeup to try to replecate a 15 year old me!

Playsuit* - Lashes of London
Shoes - ASDA
Bracelet* - Elisha Francis
Necklace - Swarvoski

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  1. OMG I absolutely LOVE that!! xx

  2. You look beautiful.
    I remember my first accidental playsuit mix up- I managed to get stuck inside one leg hole :S

  3. Sexy look!

    I just bumped into your blog and after scrolling through your posts, I must say I really like it :) How about we follow each other? :)

    Kisses from Zurich,


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