LIFESTYLE: Thursday Madness

well I certainly had a bit of a crazy one on Thursday! Let me talk you though it

I started off at aldgate east doing a photoshoot for Elisha Francis who i walked for at High Street Fashion week! You might have seen a cheeky snap shot of the images if you follow my instagram but I'm super excited to see them finished and photoshopped! The jewellery this time was huge and really amazing, mostly made out of thick rope. The theme was warrior princess so I had dark smudged eyes, big crazy hair and a nude lip. 

This, let me explain is why I look like a nutter in the images you are about to see of me! I left the photoshoot in a rush to make the House of Fraser press day which was taking place in Baker Street so only took of the crazy eye make up but in hindsight I can see that I probably would have been better going completely bare faced rather than trying to fix what we had and on top of this, it was pouring!

Ok, so I got to the press day and had a quick look around, the one thing that I was drawn to in each section was the bags, they were amazing! BIBA have a great range of very classy looking shapes and materials whilst elsewhere I saw cute fun ones.
 Still in a rush but cleverly planned I met my friend Georgia for dinner.. Wagamamas on Baker Street, clever right? It was lovely to see her again after a few months and hearing all her crazy uni stories, and wow does she have some stories, I better not say anything here tho hahah. We both got out Katsu curries and green tea and sat there for ages afterwards chatting! Now comes the spontanious part. We popped back down the road to meet the House of Fraser team for a cocktail, I was tired but Georgia wanted to go so we went down and I'm so glad we did! We both had the best time.

We spend the next couple of hours with the team making our own cocktails and getting quite drunk! Me and Georgia then moved on to Carnaby street where Style Noir were having their magazine launch party at Movida. After a lovely chat with Jaime outsite the club we went in and were greeted with yet more free cocktails, another goodie bag and crazy busy nightclub. Im not sure if any of you saw my tweets that night.. uhho haha

Thankyou to everyone to I've mentioned for adding towards making my thursday totally amazing!!

 Style Noir
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  1. Great Pictures ,looks like so much Fun!
    follow new ,mind follow back?


  2. Thank you for the kind comment such a Shame we couldn't have both made it :(
    arrr I NEED to see those photos! I'm so excited for you:) I love a good cocktail and I think you look fine in those photos- much better than I would on a normal full day of make up

  3. Now, let me explain the night from my point of view. Well firstly I had caught the coach from Nottingham, that morning (7am). Spent the whole day sorting out bits and pieces for my travels this summer, even had a doctors appointment and then had a catch up dinner with Georgina at Wagamamas.

    Unknowingly G had been invited to some after dinner entertainment. Now if I had known in advanced I would have been more prepared ( make up bag with me and maybe a slightly more fashionable/appropriate outfit). Next time, all im saying G is give me some heads up!

    Now I've never experienced the life of a blogger so this was all new and exciting. As stated above we spent the next few hours drinking cocktails, some of which we made. The bartender was called George, which was quite amusing; George, Georgia and Georgina all making cocktails. G made her own cocktail whereas I made pornstar martini. MMM YUMMMM. And the goodie bag was bonus, I especially loved the Kinky Knickers, very comfortable.

    Speaking to Jamie was amazing. Finding out all about his life, what he gets up to, his past and how he got to where he was. I loved how he was so causally wearing a purple velvet bow tie and girls topshop jeans, which informed was his fav store. It made me really excited about blogging, Maybe sometime in the near future I'll start one, for the meantime I got my 11 year sister to start one, as a substitute.

    And then off the launch party. Who dosent like having a make over with a drink in hand. Oooo im forgetting to mention the dancing we did in the conner of the club and one point or another. Plus it was really cool to see all the different styles. One girl, in the waiting que for a make over, mention she loved the orange look. Hummm ,each to their own.

    It was a really fun and unexpected night. Till next time...

    And yes we better not mentions any of my stories, especially to any of your family members lol !!

  4. Pornstar martini! My favourite cocktail!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life


  5. I'd love to see your photoshoot pics!

  6. I'd love love love to see your photo shoot photos! Seems like you had such a fun day. xoxo


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