BEAUTY: Green Lashes

Morning Guys! I'm having a relaxing one today with Molly. I've been employed to stay in all day and dog sit while the family are out so we went for a walk and now were both snuggeled on the sofa watching TV. 

Yesterday while I had some spare time and Andrew was here to take a few snaps, I thought it was a good chance to give my new green lashes a test drive. I love them! I was a bit sceptical, you know, green eyelashes and all but they looked so cool! Especailly with my leopard print top - I felt all jungely haha these are the perfect kinda thing for halloween or a fancy dress party as they have strips of glitter running through them for some extra sparkle.

oncve again, i would totally recommend Star Gazer for super amazing lashes and for £4 a set including glue, they are ridiculously cheap!

Also, I have just put a few things up on EBAY if anyone is interested!
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