Explaining My Recent Video//PRIMARK HAUL

OK guys I'm sorry to say but I think my video posts are getting worse and worse haha or maybe I'm just getting more comfortable in my style of them. As I say in the video bio, I know that it's a bit amature but I had alot of fun with it and it's real, what you've got here is the the original first shoot, no cuts, no edits, just me having fun being excited about my new clothes and wanting to show someone! I think maybe that'll give me a bit of an edge. What do you think?

I realise that maybe this is a little too much in that you cant see the products very well, which is why I'm doing a blog post to go with it but I'm liking the idea and style that's coming across at the moment, it just needs a little work!

I could really do with some good advice so if you have any, please let me know haha!

Crystal Elegance  / Cat-a-cake creations (CLAIRE M DESIGNS)

Are you guys missing my normal outfit posts? I feel like I haven't done one for ages but im still enjoying blogging just exploring different style posts!

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  1. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog your excited caps lock sent your comment to spam because no one is allowed to be that excited ;)
    Love the video I like the unedited look :) and I love the composition of your photos

  2. love that heart top and spotty top! only £4? OMGSH! haha xx


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