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I was recently contacted and told about this amazing competition run by money supermarket here
you have to make a blog post featuring five different outfits for different occasions; party, casual, outdoor, first date and office wear, creating the ultimate autumn/winter wardrobe.

so here are my choices!!

Simple without too many acessories and very feminine and flirty! Great girly colours for a date! The wedges were 40% off and the dress was down from £75!! Gotta look cute for a date <3

I LOVE this dress for a party, such a stand out piece and glows under the UV lights and a jersey material means easy to move in!! Places like ETSY do things really cheap which is useful. I think the whole outfit is very punk 

 Its hard to find peplum dresse in a soft comfortable material.. well ive done it! This is also made of a jersey material, great for comfort and stretch. Bright red shoes add a touch of colour and the blazer was a bargain down from £65

Ahh Ebay, my favourite place! These wellies would normally cost around £85 and im sure the glasses would cost alot more in a shop! The socks are an absoulte bargain and great for keeping your legs wear in the wind.

Another Ebay find, these lovley heart glasees. This skirt is totally amazing and I happen to know that if you go down to the lazy oaf shop in london, they are selling it for £5!!!! Converse are the best buy becuase they go with almost everything and are easy to wear. Quirky little necklace adds some more fun!

Hope you love my looks, let me know what you think!!


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  3. nice! we've chosen such different looks for this challenge haha mine are here:


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