LIFESTYLE: Is Uni Right For Me?

The answer to the title, for me, was no. I didn't go to uni and every time it is brought up, I remember how happy I am that I didn't, it was 100% the right choice for me. Andrew is 3 years older than me and visiting him at uni put me off before I was even old enough to start making the decision for myself. I didn't like his dirty shared bathroom ( five 18 year old boys), sharing food and the constant need to be social but that is what he loved about it - it's different for everyone. He is 24 now and been finished for a few years, I'm quite sure he would do it all over again if he had the chance, he loved the whole experience.
My brother is 18 and in the middle of his A Levels. He knows for sure that he wants to go to uni. There are so many options out there and it's one of the biggest decisions of your life. Once you have decided whether you want to go or not, then there is so much pressure to find the right place and course and it can be a daunting choice. Research is massively important because it is hard to know what a University is really like before you start there. St Mary's University have made the process easier by asking existing and former students why they wanted to "Be Part Of It". I know my brother really doesn't care (typical teenage boy) but my parents are so interested in what Andrew has to say about his uni experience so I'm sure it will be very helpful to those of you thinking about it.

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