LIFESTYLE: Four Places I'd Love To Visit

I usually don't have time for competitions especially if they aren't 100% something that I am interested in but this one I am - prize is super amazing (who'd turn down the opportunity to win a trip to see the northern lights?!) plus I have literally been going on about booking an amazing holiday for months now! After making a big jump and visiting Thailand last summer I now, no longer want to go to just Spain and an after something much more fulfilling, experiencing something I can come home and be proud of.
As I said, I went to Thailand last year, but stupid me, though that 2 weeks would be enough - was I wrong! We did a trip every day and there was still more to see. I have wanted to go back and explore more ever since I left. It was the best holiday I have even been on and I am desperate to go back! I would love to pack up and go travelling around that area of the world for a few months if I could but it's not right for me at the moment - one day though I hope!

 The Maldives
This is a tricky one, I know I want to go there but I don't want to yet - I'm thinking this is where I want to honeymoon one day - three part honeymoon anyone?! I have forever been dreaming of the aqua water, the palm trees and the beach huts.
And if I was going travelling around Thailand and east-Asia, of course I would have to make a stop in Bali. To me, it's a very calm, relaxing and romantic version of Thailand - still lots to see there as well.  I want to visit places where the culture is completely different from here, I want to try foods that I have never even heard of before, see new places and experience everything that the country has to offer.
This one is one I would like to visit but not necessarily have a full holiday at. I would love to see Dubai as a stop on a bigger holiday. I want to see the amazing hotels and the big shopping centers and general extravigance.  It looks like a manmade paradise.
Whats On Your Travel Bucket List?

Would you believe that the first 2 out of the 6 photos I actually took myself - Impressive right (Others sourced from Google)

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