LIFESTYLE: Hot Cross Teacakes From Costa

So it's Wednesday morning, the long Easter weekend is a distant memory and I am craving a hot cross bun (I still have some Easter egg left in my desk which I am eating slowly - I had to ge porridge from Pret instead, it's my new fave) Every year, I forget all about Hot Cross Buns until Easter time and then I get really excited when I remember how much I love them! They are a totally new concept to me really, I never ate them growing up but thanks to the huge social media hype every year, I decided to try one a few years back and I have loved them ever since. 

Usually, I like to have them for breakfast or as an evening snack in front of the TV, but I hardly have any time for TV now so this year, I have been feeding my craving with these giant hot cross tea cakes from Costa. They are super sized, super soft and so good once they have been toasted. I love to over smother mine with butter because it's the only time I ever really eat anything bready that I can put butter on, plus it is Easter after all. (That works the same as Christmas right?)
hot cross bun
costa coffee
hype tee

What Do You Love About Easter?

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  1. I didn't try the ones from Costa, they look amazing though! Smothered in butter is the best way for them to be! Or a little blob of jam on top :) I love how it's acceptable to eat a tonne of chocolate, no matter the time, haha!

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  2. They look delicious. I love hot cross buns :)

    Sarah |

  3. Wow! They look amazingly delicious and I wish to have them too. Can you tell me where can I get non-organic coffee because I want to taste them as I am always found of buns and coffee. Thanks for sharing the review!


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