FASHION: Superdry T-shirt From Loofes

Loofes Clothing recently got in touch and asked if I'd like to do a feature with them on my blog. They stock a whole range of great brands from Converse to Ted Baker in both mens and womenswear so I thought it'd make a change to pick something for Andrew this time - he always moans about taking my photos so it was nice to treat him to a new top and he can pose while I take the photos haha he wasn't very happy about having to be photographed but he loves a Superdry Tee so he agreed.

With Andrew, most of the time it's pretty easy - when it comes to t-shirts, it's either Hollister or Superdry and usually when it's Superdry, he likes it as bright as he can so I picked out this one with its bright orange and yellow logo. Good choice I'd say. 

Big Thanks to Loofes for letting me treat Andrew this time!

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