FASHION: What To Wear For Work

Dressing for work is much harder that I originally imagined. As I'm sure you might have heard (I've mentioned it enought times) I now have a job woo. I'm based in Tottenham Court Road with is such a great location to work. Theres always loads going on, people giving away free stuff in the street most days and Oxford circus is literally 2 minutes away - the only issue is that Tottenham Court Road station is currently closed. Luckily this is only going to be an issue until December but in the meantime, it means that I have to get off early and walk.

It's hardly an issue, I actually quite enjoy it - so much so that I usually power walk so I can get that tiny little bit of extra exerciser in. I soon started to understand why so many people get on the tube in the morning with trainers on.

Now, here was my issue. I really couldn't be bothered to carry around an extra pair of shoes all day to change into for traveling but I didn't want to look like stupid wearing sports trainers for work. I needed practicality that looked good too. Then I came across this Nike style and all my problems were solved. That are actually made as running shoes - the are super lightweight and cushioned but they look good too. I could actually get away as saying that I wore them just from a fashion point of view.

Here I have styled them with a super black outfit although the crop top still gives it that summery feel, I like it for its scalloped edges and the fact that it isn't a super short one. A flick of eyeliner and my black jeans are every day essentials, rain or shine and there's an typical work look!
Top* - BlueInc
Jeans -Primark
Nike Roshe Runs* - Foot Locker
Eyeliner - Barry M, Blink


  1. I love the outfit. Nike trainers are definitely my favourite :)

    Sarah |

  2. Love this look, I love these trainers - just what i am after!

  3. Love the outfit! I really wanted these shoes but in the end I decided to go for Nike Air Max Fibreglass which are more of a mint green colour because I thought they'd be more interesting. Still really want these but do you not find that because they're made of a light material that they seem a bit flimsy?

    Laura @ What's Hot?


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