BEAUTY: Harajuku Lovers Love Eau de Parfum

I remember when the first ever set of these these perfumes came out when I was around 15, my best friend had one and I used to love going to her house and spraying it all over me haha. They were the cool new perfumes from Gwen Stefani and there were 5 cute little dolls to collect. They were pretty cool back then but their new updated look is super sleek and much edgier. As much as I love the bottle, I also love the box it comes in, I am a big fan of the drip design and use to have it on my nails all the time! One thing that I though was cool was on the inside flap of the lid, it says "A fatal Attraction To Cuteness" which I loved - it gave that super cute but a little bit sinister feel to it.

The one I have here is called Love but as I said, there are five in the collection and they are each a different metallic colour. Online, I loved the colour of the green one although the scents mentioned in this one sounded more my type - "A mouthwatering fruity floral, featuring juicy apple, dewy pear, surrounded by jasmine, cashmere woods and creamy musks." I'm pretty pleased that I went with this one because I absolutely love the smell. Its super fruity as it said but it's very sweet and so fun too! I've been wearing it everyday.
Harajuku Lovers Love
Harajuku Lovers Love

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