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Todays post is about my recent visit to the ICEBAR, just off of Regents street, hidden down a little side road with the most lovely, pretty bars & restaurants outside! I've been before for a blogger event and I think we went for Andrews 22nd or 23rd birthday but we hadn't been there for a while so we were super excited to be back!
I arrived a little early and got talking to Tom, who told me that the ice comes straight from a frozen flowing river all the way from Sweden. It arrives in London in big blocks and is shaped on site by specialist ice artists. Since it is taken from a flowing river, you are able to see the ripples in the water if you take a proper look. I was so pleased to have spoke to him before I went in so I could have a look for myself when I get in! Of course he was right and it was so pretty.
He also told me they change it once a year and I was lucky enough to visit just a week after its latest update - it's currently food themed - It's like they knew I was coming haha. We donned out big blue coats and made our way inside! There was a giant ice cupcake and the bar was designed like an ice cream van serving all the drinks but my favourite was definitely the giant ice pineapple in the corner - how cool?! The ice bar is one of those places you just cant leave without taking a selfie (or 100). Luckily for you guys, I have just included one here!
After our visit to the bar, we warmed up downstairs with a meal at their restaurant. It was a lovely candle lit atmosphere and we both enjoyed three courses. I started with prawns and Andrew had fried chicken, which we both agreed tasted very homemade, not greasy at all and really lovely.
We both went for flat iron steaks for mains which came out cooked just as we asked! Perfect with triple cooked fries and salty kale mmm.
and to finish I had a chocolate mousse covered in nuts and Andrew had some ice cream conconction. I just cant have a meal without dessert and this hit the spot!
And you cant go to the ice bar without enjoying some of their lovely cocktails - inside and out of the bar! Inside, I always go for their mocktails, I love them so much - its something like strawberry syrup and apple juice and it is delicious, I have looked forward to it at every trip! Outside the bar and with dinner we tried one called "Crumble" which was made from Absolut vodka, cinnamon, apple juice and blackberries and a pornstar martini which is my go to cocktail! Both delicious.
 ICEBAR is a great experience whether you are going with a big group of friends, a partner or even a family night out - all three of which I have experienced! It's certainly different from your usual night out in London and if you haven't been at least once, I would recomend trying it out!
Big thanks to Transun & The ICEBAR London for sorting out my visit!
Have You Been To ICEBAR London?

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  1. The Ice Bar is so much fun, isn't it!? I went about a year or so ago, but the sculptures here look more fun :) I'd love to try out the restaurant, the food looks divine. Hope you guys had a fab time! x

    Hannah x | hannatalks


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