LIFESTYLE: Tips For Blogger Events

I remember my first day of blogger events - It was half term and I had been invited to three different things so I thought why not make a day of it. I started at Hush Brasserie in Mayfair for a breakfast with Lands End which was super exciting - I've come to love a good breakfast event. Next I was off to meet with some random lady from the internet who was asking for models on twitter (some of you might know her - Helen from Helens Wardrobe ). I'd never been to that end of London so I brought Andrew along. I left with some amazing photos for us both to use (check my side bar photo) and a new friend so that worked out well. We have done lots of fun, scary and exciting shoots with her since! After that I was off to shoreditch for my first beauty event with Benefit for the launch of their Fake Up.

Not bad for my first few events. I learnt alot about what sort of things you should be expecting and prepared for from a blogger event. 

I like to do this both on the brand and the guests. Usually there is a # so I love looking through that before to see who is going along and what everyone else is saying about the event. Try to reply to some of the tweets, you might make a new friend before you even meet them! I also like to see what else the brand is up to - what other products they do or anything fun they have been working on. Lastly but still very important, do some research about the location of the event - work out how you are going to get there and back safely.

2. GO
I know alot of bloggers back out of events because they are worried about one thing or another but seriously, even if you are a little bit worried make yourself go - you will not regret it. If you are worried about going alone, maybe ask for a plus one, or as I said before, make some friends online with other people who will be there. Nowadays, I actually prefer to go alone - that way I have to push myself to talk to new people whether they are bloggers or the organisers.

This has only become relevant to me recently but I find scribbling down notes on the night makes the blog post so much easier to write. Even if its little notes like product names or silly thoughts that might be useful like "Gold cutlery - super pretty." Its also a great place to note downs peoples blogs or twitter handles.

Business cards are really important, at first I didnt think they are, but they are. When I was new to blogging and I didnt want to buy them (so I made some) but when I won the opportunity to create some for free, I was so pleased with the result that I wish I just went ahead and bought them in the first place. You look and feel alot more professional pulling out a proper custom business card. 

Join in with the interactive parts of the event, sometimes it might be "tweet us a photo in our selfie frame" or something like that! I love to send a tweet or two from the event to keep my followers updated with what I am doing, when I am doing it - use the # and include the brands @. Most of the time, they retweet things while your still there.
As much as I think number 5 is important, it is more important not to spend the whole night staring at your phone and try to get involved with everything the event has to offer. Of course, everyone will be on their phones throughout the night but try to cut it down as much as you can - you'll be much more approachable and able to give the conversation your full attention - smile, be friendly and ask questions, you never know who you might be talking to - you can check your Facebook notifications when you get home!
Those are just a few but if you enjoyed it, I'd love to write up some more! Let me know what you think?


  1. Your first day of events sounds so good! Wish I lived in London.
    Such good tips & I love your Macaroons

  2. Love this post! I really need to get some business cards sorted for myself, this has given me the post I need!

  3. looks fun!! love it!!
    x, Ivana


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