GUESTPOST: Keeping Fit at Festivals

So with festival season fast approaching I’m sure many of us have been hitting the gym in order to get into our daisy dukes, and that floral croptop we’ve been lusting over on ASOS.
But when we put so much effort in before the big weekend, the last thing many of us want to do is put all that hard work to ruin by binging on burgers and beer.
It’s easy to get swept up in the heat of the moment, and the smell of course doesn’t help much in the way of tempting us. However staying fit and healthy during the festivities can make us feel better and keep us dancing well into the early hours.
Stay Hydrated
Although most days are probably going to contain a few or more of your favourite tipple, try and keep topped up with good old H2O.
Unfortunately with toilet queues being of epic proportions, it’s probably not convenient to try and down your daily 2 litres, but just having a bottle of water on you at all times and sipping it throughout the day can help ease the hangover the next morning.
With many alco-pops being high in sugar and calories, if you’re really trying to be a saintly sinner check out this list of some of the best drinks to order in the beer tent.
Get Your Vitamins
I think we can all agree that finding fruit and veg at a festival is almost impossible. And finding time to eat a balanced meal even more so. But don’t forget those vital vitamins that can keep you on top form.
As well as taking along some multi-vitamins that you can take in the morning, try and find some food places that do fruit smoothies so you can still get your daily dose of the good stuff.  
Eat Clever
The smell of frying bacon wafting across the camp site is enough to make you drool, but if you’re watching your waist line opt for a more stable food that can keep your energy levels up for the rest of the day.
Eating complex carbs that can be found in Porridge, or even a whole wheat bagel will keep you fuller for longer, and make you feel full of beans throughout the day!
To avoid the temptations of naughty foods you could be super-duper organised and carry some healthy snacks in your bumbag. Almonds, dried fruit or beef jerky. Anything that’s going to help you stay nourished and dance ready.
Make Swapsies
Admittedly it’s hard to be healthy when it seems socially wrong at a festival, especially when your friends are perhaps letting their hair down.  But you can make simple swaps that means you can continue feeling like part of the gang without having to sacrifice your dedication to being healthy.
If you really don’t want to drink, there are lots of non-acoholic drinks available now that look like they could be. A mocktail or two and they’ll never know you’re not drinking. 
Alternatively if you don’t want to smoke and litter the festival with all of your stubs, e-cigarettes are becoming much more popular, especially when there’s drinks inspired flavours such as these to keep you in the party mood.
Combining these healthy tips, and the fact that festival goers can burn up to 7,200 calories in just one day, you could be super festival fit after a weekend in the muddy puddles


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