FASHION: One Dress, Three Ways To Wear

I haven't done a fashion challenge for a while so when George At ASDA got in touch, I jumped at the chance! I was challenged to pick either a dress, skirt or pair of jeans and style them three different ways here on my blog.

If you know me at all from reading my blog, you will be as surprised as I was that I didn't go for a pair of jeans - but whats the fun in that? I wear my black jeans with every thing so that wouldn't really have been much for a challenge.

I decided to go with what I am least familiar with and picked this denim dress. The waist pulls in with elestic and then there is a second layer underneath. I really loved the crochet detailing.

The first style was just plain- Dress, sunglasses and shoes. This is how I would wear the dress if I was on holiday and there was no chance that it was going to get cold all of a sudden like it does here. I really loved these floral mini heels so why not make those main attraction here. They will be great for the summer because they have loads of colours on them and they are a great height to add a little bit extra to those daytime outfits.
The second style is my favourite and incorporates white into the look. It also gives me a jacket which is essential here, even when its summer haha. Its a demin jacket but I love that its white, it gives it an edge - to finish off I've added these white pumps which also have lots of crochet detailing like the dress.
My last style was to take out the white and add black in instead. Its just a lightweight knit but I have been wearing it with everything this week, such a great staple. Paired with my go-to simple black pumps and thats that.

How Would You Style It?

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