LIFESTYLE: George At ASDA Homewear

George at ASDA asked if I would like to work on them with a room update and I jumped at the chance. When we moved in a couple of years ago, I ended up with my very own en suite but having never had a bathroom to decorate before, I didn't really know what I would need - so I just let my mum buy everything. Now that I know I need a soap dispenser and towels and all that other weird bathroom stuff that know one really thinks about, I was pretty excited to kit out my bathroom with things that I actually liked.

I first went for a new soap dispenser (because the one my mum picked was a terrible, cheap plastic thing) and matching toothbrush holder. I found this amazing white quilted set - that's its official name, I just liked it because they looked like pineapples. I'm super pleased with them and considering that they both came to £8 it shows that cheap doesn't have to look cheap.

Also for my bathroom I picked some white square wicker baskets to put all my stuff in which has made it look so much tidier. Before, it was all just lined up wherever there was space so these were a massive help. 

One last thing thing that my whole family always go on about but never went out and bought was a set of bathroom scales so that was a must! I now have everyone in my bedroom every morning weighing themselves.

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