BEAUTY: Superdrugs Own Brand Swap

This Summer, Superdrug are encouraging shoppers to take on the Swap Shop money saving challenge. This means trying to get people to replace the expensive branded products that they would usually buy, for cheaper own brand stuff. Apparently, the average Brit could save over £150 year by making the swap on their everyday beauty and toiletries! 

Superdrug asked me what my most used branded Summer essentials were and sent me a selection of own brand alternative to see what I thought. They also told me that by doing this, I would have saved myself £19. I know this is bad but I don't really use products and only buy things when I'm going on holiday so these are my Holiday Essentials!

Simple Make Up Wipes
I dont wear as much make up as the average 21 year old girl so make up wipes arent a huge deal for me. If they take off my eyeliner then they do their job so I would happily do this swap.

Hawaiian Tropic VS - Solait Sun
Suncream is suncream but I love Hawaiian Tropic for its fun packagings and its amazing smell - I look at it as a holiday treat. I'd happily use Solait for England but if im going on holiday, I'd much prefer Hawaiian Tropics and its coconutty smell. 

Bic Razors
Bic are super cheap razors and theyre disposable which makes them great for holidays. I buy them at £1.49 for 10 razors. The cheapest set of razors on the superdrug website (cant find these ones) are £1, in the sale from £1.99, for 3 razors. I actually think my usual are much better value for money.

Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner
Again, this stuff does its job but I much prefer the fun packaging and smells of Herbal Essences which I use all year around.

Original Source Shower Gel
This is one that I acutally would be happy with rather than what I usually use for holiday. It looks fun and it smells great although at home, I would much rather stick to my Lush favorurites!

Batiste Mini Dry Shampoo
Another one that I use all year around although I just really dislike the can here - it reminds me of being at school for some reason. I'm starting to realise that packaging is a really big thing for me!
I also told them I usually buy ear plugs, new nail files and mini deoderants for my holiday but they didnt sent those which brings me to think that Superdrugs own brand dont acutally stock everything that I would need. I may have saved £19 but for me, holidays are about relaxation and luxury and if its means I have to spend that little bit more to enjoy my products then with most things, I would.

How Much Would You Save?


  1. This is an interesting read! Annoying that they wouldn't have everything you'd need in the Superdrug own brand. Saving £19 sounds good to me, i love to save a bit of extra money, but i totally agree with you that holidays are about treating yourself and luxury. I for one love buying things i actually really like for holiday as opposed to some cheap alternative.

    Courtney |

    1. I did enjoy the green shower gel just as much as usual though so maybe sometime it isnt soo bad! Xx

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  3. The Bic Razors immediately made me think of The Wedding Ringer LOL

    Anyway, Superdrugs is actually a pretty cool concept, but whether or not quality measures up is another different story. Do keep us updated if you do receive the items!

    May x • THE MAYDENbloglovin'

    1. haha I loved the shower gel - ended up using the suncream as I didnt have time to get my favourite but it didnt smell as good as my fave! X

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