LIFESTYLE: Looking After Your Pet With FRONTLINE

Walking Molly is one of those things in our house - when I'm at home, in bed, I hate being asked to walk her and so does everyone else but when I'm up and ready I quite like taking her out for a walk in the fields. I dont really like living in the middle of no where (Epping Forest) but it is perfect for walking Molly.

When I started working in March, I kinda missed spending the time with her because I was never at home when she needed walking. I still manage to squeeze in a walk every now and then when the sun is still out and I am feeling particularly energetic when I get home from work.
FRONTLINE® Spot On, has launched a new campaign for the summer with Ruth Langsford (from  Loose Women and This Morning) highlighting the close bond between pet owners and animals and how pets and owners can ‘enjoy the good times’. Together they have created a series of videos giving pet owners helpful tips, I found this one particularly interesting.

To watch the series of Ruth’s videos, visit: 

Twitter: @FrontlineSpotOn

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