LIFESTYLE: Holiday Memories

Having just got back from Benidorm (more on that later) and excited for my next holiday, I've been thinking some of my favourite past holidays this week.

Med Cruise 2013

We go on cruises every year but this was one of the most fun because this time, as well as my parents and brothers, Andrew came along and family friends too. There were a few memorable days ranging from lovely things like riding a gondola through Venice to docking at midnight and clubbing in Mykonos and then there was that one day that we all got stranded at the top of Santorini when their power station blew up. We had to walk all the way down the mountain in flip-flops with poor donkeys everywhere - It was pretty traumatic, Andrew even had to drag me out of the way when I froze on the spot when one came running towards me.
Disney - September & October 2014
Andrew and I went to Disneyland Paris a few years ago for our two year anniversary so when our 5th came around last September he paid for us to go again. September is a great time to go because it is still super hot but most of the kids are back at school so most of the rides were just a five minute wait. After I got back and told my parents how much fun we had, they got jealous and decided that they wanted to go too.

So three weeks later, I was back off to Disney but this time with my family. Since it my brothers birthday, we stayed in the big pink hotel which was pretty amazing, I've always wanted to stay there. We also managed to have dinner at Blue Lagoon which I was so sad I couldn't do with Andrew because it was closed on my first trip!

Malia 2012
This was a big group holiday with all my friends and some of their girlfriends. There was about 15 of us, me being one of three girls and we had booked into this tiny amazing hotel. It ended up that it was just us staying there so they let us have control of the swimming pool speakers meaning our days were spent around the pool blasting out the dubstep and grime. Most evening consisted of eating gyros and then on to the clubs!

Thailand 2014
So I go on about this holiday every chance I get but it was such an amazing experience. It was definitely more of a holiday than a travelling trip because we got cabs everywhere and stayed in lovely hotels. We were only in Bangkok for 3 nights but managed to squeeze so much in from driving around the city and exploring 4 or 5 temples one day to the floating market and elephant rides the next and of course a tuk tuk ride to khoa San road.
 By the time we flew to Phuket we were ready for some relaxing and that's exactly what we got. The hotel there was so pretty and had its own private beach. There were even a couple of weddings while we were there. We had a day of island hopping which was indredible and we ate some amazing food while we were there! We fed elephants and went snorkelling and made a couple of trips into Pantongs nightlife

Where Have Been Your Favourite Trips?


  1. You have been to some amazing places! I really want to visit Thailand :)

    Sarah |

  2. Interesting - I can see that almost everyone have been to Thailand and spent a good holiday in there. Thanks for sharing.

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