BEAUTY: Valentines Day Nails With Ciate & Nail Art

Happy Valentines Day! 

Andrew and I are going to Nandos after he's finished at work today, how romantic haha I have a free whole chicken to claim, at at least he wont be hungry. Hopefully nails these will last me though the weekend for our other plans as well, although its not a big deal if not, this bottle is so cute and mini I can just keep it in my purse for a top up! 

So here's what I decided to do with my nails for the occasion, I wanted a nice, thick, in your face, charismas style glitter but for valentines day and I found the perfect one in this mini Ciate Christmas polish called candy cane, but it''s pink. I picked it up at the access all ASOS party over Christmas  along with a couple of other colours. This is the first time my nails have been gel free for ages so it was a great time to give it a test with my little top coat from Nail Art. The polish itself is very thick and although it's a little hard to control, that's the way I wanted it, I'd much rather this than it be all loose and doesn't hold the glitter properly. At first I was a bit worried about the bottle being so small, but I've done all my nails and there still seems to be a load left. 

Ciate do the prettiest colours and I'd definitely use them again!


  1. Oh wow, I love that look! Love that it's thick glitter and held rather than being all loose!

    Happy Valentines hun.


  2. Ahhh I love it! such a great coverage and it looks so lovely :3 x


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