A few weeks ago I was contacted by Quorn and asked if I would like to try out some of their products. I said I'd love to and a few days later a big box of products arrived. I'm going to be honest here, I, myself only got to try one of the products. That must say something for them, my brothers ate everything else so they must have enjoyed them! I was a little worried when I agreed to this that my family would reject it, we are big meat eaters so I wasn't sure if they were just going to shun them but I was surprised. I left them in the fridge to see if there were any takers and they started eating them - by choice! I think one of the reasons apart from the taste (which they would have had to like if they were going to carry on eating, they are really reaalllly picky) was how easy they were to prepare, they all came with easy cooking instructions and were near enough exactly the same as cooking regular meat.

As for the product that I got the taste, lucky me, they left me one! It was lovely and I'd happily eat it again. It was a pesto, mozzarella and fake chicken escalope. I seriously would not have noticed that it wasn't real chicken, the texture was the same. One thing I would say was the pesto in the escalope was very overpowering so I didn't get a great chance to have a real taste of the fake chicken. oh and I know the place looks empty haha that how I eat nowadays, I get my meat, or my not meat, in this case and I eat it with a can of sweet corn. The quorn website has some high protein recipe ideas so I should have really had a look at those first!

 So to end this post I'm going to say, I'm shocked but Quorn at my house was a success!


  1. I love Quorn, their sausages are the only sausage type thing I'll eat! xx

  2. I made a Quorn mince chilli last night and even my boyfriend was impressed. So yum! x

  3. I loveeeee Quorn! The pesto chicken looks beaut x

  4. I love pesto mozzarella escalopes :) I'm a vegetarian so I live off Quorn haha. xx


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