FASHION: Azerka Rose Print Loose Shift Dress and Inamo St James

Maybe you recognise the dress? Maybe just the pattern? Well your right, I loved the pattern so much that I had to get a shift dress version as well as my much loved jumpsuit.

 The pretty pinks and green look so good against the black background, I think it's quite edgy and bold but still very feminine! I'd love any garment in this print and Missguided still have a few that I don't have haha Out of the four that's left, I love the playsuit with the lace triming,
As you know, I'm loving shift dresses at the moment, they are great for going out to dinner which I happen to do quite a lot! I also have IBS so everything I eat makes me bloated but in my new dress, who'd know?!
So here it is! Isnt it pretty?
Dress* - Missguided
Heels* - SpyLoveBuy
Belt - Brothers School Belt

I'd also wear this dress belted in at the waist to give it a completely different shape, it looks like a different dress altogether!


  1. Love this print too and it looks lovely you on!

    Penny |

  2. I adore this print <3 the colours really suit you, it's crazy how much a belt can change an outfit <3

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