FASHION: Fashionably Fit with Sports Shoes

When I was contacted about the sports shoes Fashionably Fit campaign,  I was right in the midst of my January exercise motivation spur, I was feeling fat and I wanted to get fit but I could feel the motivation slipping away.

The  campaign was launched in response to the outrage Daily Mail columnist, Jan Moir, caused when she criticised singer Katherine Jenkins for running the marathon in full make up (read more here). The whole idea is to see if bloggers thought looking stylish spurs you on to work harder while exercising. I say yes

I exercise in my garage on my exercise bike and before now, I'd do it in my pyjamas - An over-sized tee and a pair of shorts. I think the fact that there wasn't a clear change between sleeping/relaxing and exercising, because I was still in my pyjamas, was making it very hard.  I really couldn't be bothered but when I started to actually get dressed properly for my exercise I was more motivated, I wanted to do it properly - I did make the effort to get up and get ready after all, and that is exactly what these clothes are made for, they are alot more comfortable to exercise in, that's for sure. I hate when clothes stick me to when I get sweaty, I think that was also part of the problem but there isn't too much loose material here to stick to me and they are breathable, stretchy and comfortable!

In my lovely new matching Nike set, I would even be happy to run in the street (which I would obviously never do in my pyjamas haha). I felt like in my new clothes, I was ready to exercise and exercise harder.

Do You Think Looking Good Makes Your More Motivated?

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  1. I can't believe that Katherine Jenkins article, it's so so nasty!
    I don't think I'm more motivated when I look good because to be honest I think I look gross when I exercise - red's not a good look on someone as pale as me, and nobody likes being sweaty. But it definitely makes a difference being comfortable and wearing something breathable. I really need something like this in my life! xx

    PS. would literally kill for your figure haha!

  2. Dude, how could you ever feel fat? I want your body! x

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