LIFESTYLE: My Valentines Day with Andrew - Nandos, Gilgamesh & The Landmark Hotel

I did say that this would be my last valentines day post this year and I'm so sad that it's all over now but I had the best weekend ever, Andrew thought of everything and really made it perfect. Sorry for the long and soppy post but I think this one is more for me, I know that I am going to want to look back at it and remember our amazing weekend together!


On actual valentines day we ended up at Nandos, I wasn't complaining, I had a craving and a free whole chicken to claim! I love Nandos and it was a great idea considering we hadn't booked anything, I'm sure everywhere else would have been full! So while Andrew munched away on the whole chicken, with chips, and mash, and a side of halloumi, I went for my usual, 5 chicken wings, lemon and herb with creamy mash and macho peas, yummy, I love chicken wings! After that we popped into Pinkberry to get my new favourite new snack! Their cookies and cream flavour is amazing, it tastes just like Oreos but is still loads lighter and fresher tasting than ice cream.

We went back to his and exchanged cards and he gave me the 12 beautiful red roses, which was lovely considering he has been telling me all week he didn't have time to get any, apparently he sent his dad out to get them specially! They are lovely and currently sitting in my bedroom window soaking up the sun!

The next morning we jumped on the tube with our backpacks like proper tourists and headed into London. I had no idea where we were going, this is the first time in our 4 years that Andrew has managed to keep it secret until we actually got there. We got off of our train at Marylebone station, and walked towards our hotel, The Landmark Hotel! It was amazing, and enormous, over 100 years old and very majestic. When we arrived our room wasn't ready so we headed straight down to the spa! After a little bit of swimming and relaxing in the hot tub thing, I fell asleep on the sofa while Andrew spent some time in the sauna, they just aren't my kind of thing, I feel like I'm going to die haha I love a good afternoon in a spa!
Now it was time to check in! Finally, I was so excited to see our room and I wasn't disappointed! what I loved about it was that it wasn't like a typical hotel room, it was all old looking like the rest of the hotel, and not old and broken kind of old, but old and beautiful, you'll see what I mean in the photos! We put down our bags and sat on the bed when all of a sudden, the door bell rang, what?! I didn't realise we had a doorbell haha. Andrew opened the door and a maid came in with a bottle of champagne on ice and strawberries on a silver tray. Andrew had thought of everything!

We didn't have much time as we had to start getting ready for our date! I had suggested Gilgamesh (as I normally do on any special occasion) So we drank our champagne whilst getting ready for dinner! Andrew popped out to get some cash and came back with another bottle of champagne, he's crazy but cute, he bought it because it was pink hahah. 

I wore:
Top - New Look (Gifted Voucher)
Jeans - Primark
Heels* - Missguided
Andrew Wore:
Top* - Superdry 
Chinos - River Island
Vans - Sole Trader
It has always been a silly dream of mine to get picked up in a cab from a posh hotel and that's what happened, it was amazing, especially when I thought that we were getting the train into Camden, it's really not very far! Gilgamesh was also amazing as usual, we both ordered pretty cocktails and got stuck in. The restaurant itself is absolutely huge and everything is made out of wooden carvings, the chairs, the tables, the bar and there are palm trees everywhere. Gilgamesh serves my 2 favourite ever dishes and I couldn't resist to order them both as well as all the others. Hoba Miso Chilean Sea bass, which is covered in a sticky sweet sauce and served wrapped up in a leaf! Andrew and I shared that and the organic rack of breaded lamb, mmmmm we always just order loads of dishes and share them all as the food is too good to only try one dish. Then, my favourite dessert, banoffee crumble, they just don't serve it anywhere else and its so good!
Afterwards we jumped in a cab back to the hotel, after a quick trip to M&S to replenish the strawberry supply and pick up some chocolate we spent the night watching Take Me Out and drinking the rest of the champagne!
In the morning, we had a wonderful buffet breakfast, yes. I did eat two full plates of breakfast haha the decision between a full english or pancakes was just to hard! Afterwards we headed back to the room to pick up our bags and headed home!
The biggest thank you to Andrew for giving me a perfect weekend and making me feel like a princess!

 I love you lots!


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend and that Banoffee crumble looks to die for! x

  2. so cute! :)



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