LIFESTYLE: HP Slate 7 Inch Tablet with Data Pass

Today I want to introduce you to my new HP slate 7 tablet from Argos and a couple of my favorite apps, that I use it for. 

I've wanted a cute little sturdy tablet for a while now to pop in my handbag and take everywhere with me. One thing that I was really impressed about this tablet was the fact that it came with two years 3G+ mobile broadband for free, no contract or anything like that which means I can have the internet on it where ever I go. It's 7" which is the perfect size and it has a big clear screen and 7.5 hours worth of battery. I also loved that it had space to insert a SD card, so that's as much memory as you need.

On to the apps! Of course my absolute favorite app, since the moment I downloaded it has to be Instagram. I could just spend hours on it, I'm so interested in seeing what's going on in other peoples lives and actually seeing it how they do though an image as its happening, I love the instant world we live in. The HP Slate 7 Inch Tablet is great for Instagram. There is an actual app for it which means it fits onto the screen and isn't all stretched and distorted, which can't be said for the ipad at the moment. It also has 2 built in cameras, a back and a front one, perfect for a cheeky selfie and you can upload straight from there. 

The second app is called Line Camera and I use it to put smiley faces on everything. It does other things as well, there are actually loads of stamps, boarders, all that kind of stuff but I just love the faces! It's a really fun and easy to use, and when your finished making your photo beautiful you can export it straight to instagram from there! 

As tablets go, its not bad! I'm very happy with it so far and you cant complain at £169.99 including the 2 years 3G+.

This post is in association with Argos

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