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Last week I was invited to my first ever event with Lush. If you've been following me you will know that I am relatively new to Lush but since I've gotten started I'm becoming one of the crazy obsessed bloggers, it's all I've been talking about since the since the event! One problem I have mentioned here before is the fact that I don't have a bath but its fine, I have the biggest shower ever and Andrew has a bath so I can just take them all around there. Which I have been doing haha
The event itself was for a book about Lush's background being launched. We go tot meet the writer and publisher who were both really passionate about it. I'm really looking forward to having a proper read and finding out how lush came to be! Apart from that I actually learnt so much about loads of products last night, I felt really well informed, all the staff there were so helpful and knowledgeable.
I left the event with one of the best goodie bags that have ever received, I think most of it was part of the valentines day range and included two of the gift boxes plus lots of back bombs, ballistics, massage bars, shower gels and loads more, not to mention on of the girls there gave me a load of samples that she'd picked out for my hair specifically so here is my Lush Haul. I will hopefully be going separate reviews of each product and the book when I get around to using each of them!
 I'll start off with the gift boxes! I received Toucan Love and Neon Love.

 Toucan Love is one of the smaller sets and contains two love themed products. Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb which looks so romantic with its embedded roses and apparently based on a medieval love potion which I love! The second is  Close To You Massage Bar with its sweet vanilla scent and fondant centre 
 The second and bigger of the two is Neon Love, This comes with From Dusk 'Til Dawn Massage Bar, FUN - Red, Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie and a Neon Love Soap. These are all new products to me so I'm looking forward to trying them all out! Especially the FUN bar, apparently it is a 4 in 1 thing and can be used as a solid shampoo, bubble bar, soap, and as a toy, its like play dough.
One of the lovely girls there talked me though some hair care that I truly need, my hair just doesn't look healthy so she recommended me the blousey, its a thick and nourishing shampoo. She went to get me a sample and came back with a full sized pot so that was great, I'm looking forward to trying it out and hopefully seeing the difference. The Angles on bare skin is a bit scary for a Lush newbie, I'm not too sure what to do with it! The description says a lavender and rose scented cleanser and it's 100% natural. I'm sure I will work out what to do with it haha. She also gave me a sample of the American cream conditioner and the R&B hair moisturiser
She also talked me though this strange thing as I think she saw how baffled I was when I picked it up. Apparently its a solid shampoo, who'd have thought?! She showed me, 3 rubs on to the scalp and everything foams up, it can last up 80 washes.
 Next, I got a little bottle of Prince Charming. I've seen alot of hype about this on twitter and since using snow fairy its a nice familiarity to me! It's something that I can also use without having to think about how haha.
and lastly the bath bombs, ahh more familiar territory! I have a blackberry bath bomb which is an original and a Love locket which is part of the valentines day range! This has a few layers which begins with heart confetti. This one I'm excited to try!
I'm really looking forward to trying each and every one, so keep a look out for lots more posts to come! Please let me know if you have ant recommendations! I'm a girl obsessed!

Have You Bought Anything From Lush Lately?


  1. you're so lucky! I love Lush so much, it's one of my favourite places to shop. Bath bombs are definitely my favourite!

    Nat ||

  2. Lovely post & photos <3 I went to my first one months back and when I got the goody bag I pretty much had the same reaction you had, so generous right? <3 The valentines stock looks amazing and i would love to see a review of the love locket bathbomb <3

  3. I love Lush products SO much, I love their cruelty-free nature and I know a LOT about the products having been a fan for so many years so I'm super jealous of your loot! I really want to try Prince Charming now :) xx

  4. Oh my god, I can't believe you got all that in your goodie bag - so jealous! I saw in my e-mail that you too are going to this Musical Bingo event. See you there! :) x

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