LIFESTYLE: The House Of Peroni

A few weeks ago, I was kindly invited to The House of Peroni to try out their taster menu and tell you guys about my experience. I met my friend Mic from Stylish London Living outside the restaurant. It was just another lovely London looking building hidden away in Portland place, it didn’t really look like a restaurant but what I didn’t realise was that inside was also a cinema and a bar. 

We spent our time there in the restaurant which was very white, laboratory, warehouse looking. I casually powered through 11 courses and half a cocktail – you know, easy enough when you’ve grown up holidaying on cruises hahah while Mic had a little less food as she is a veggie but our lovely waitress managed to wangle here an extra cocktail instead. 

The food was really good! All very strange and modern to go with the decor, I was always excited to see how the next course was going to be laid out. My favorite of them all was the potato and cod fish mantecato, I didn’t know what to expect from this, all it said was ‘creamy spin on a fish pie’ but it was amazing. It came in a glass and looked like white chocolate mousse but it was a creamy potato puree on top of a layer of cod and it was so good. I also loved the risotto (which I have strangely never had before) that was thick and tomatoey with pesto on top served in a can and the lamb chop which came up on a mirrored plate was also amazing!

ohh I do love a good restaurant and this was a great new experience!
Whats your favorite restaurant?
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