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Christmas is a great time to go out and celebrate with your friends, and a lot of the time it's not just your friends, sometimes it's with your colleagues at the work Christmas party and sometimes it at a big family get together! This is where I tend to struggle for something to wear! As the girls on guru gossip recently pointed out, I like my crop tops, so when these kind of occasions crop up I'm a little bit lost. 

I've been really lucky and have been sent some really lovely dresses recently, which have seemed to save the day here. This is another one from Gypsophila Couture. They are another brand that have taken on my favourite silhouette of the big outwards skirts! This dress in particular is in lovely bright patriotic colours with just a little hint of sparkle make it perfect for those family parties. Its a great length and a comfortable, thick material not to mention being hand made (very well) which makes it extra special!

I'm spending NYE with Andrew and his family this year and I want to wear somthing pretty and sparkly without being OTT, this may be the dress. Here I've paired it with some small heels that I usually would but I think they still look great. 

As you can see in this first photo here, it is a little loose around the waist but that's nothing a little safety pin cant fix, I just couldn't find one for these photos. The one time I actually needed one, they were know where to be seen, Typical! 

Have You Sorted You NYE Outfit Yet?

Dress* - Gypsophila Couture
Heels - Primark

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  1. You look stunning, I love this dress! xo

  2. Your outfit is gorgeous. This is a perfect dress.

  3. I swear houses have borrowers because I can never find a safety pin either. The dress is beautiful :)
    I hope you haven't taken the nonsense on gossip guru to heart- you're the crop top queen and its all jealousy. Just because they're not confident enough to wear a crop too all year round doesn't mean you can't. I love a crop top and if you stop rocking them where an I meant to be inspired from?

  4. this is a really gorgeous dress!!it looks so pretty!its the kind of dress i would choose!:)xx


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