LIFESTYLE: #BrightonStagette

Last weekend I took a trip down to Brighton with some other blogger babes to take part in a Stagette weekend! 
 For the day, I wore: 
Eyelash jumper* - Georga At ASDA
Jeans - Primark 
I met Lorna at the station and we hopped onto the train to Brighton where we met with Jamie and the other girls in our hotel, Instead of name badges we were all given lovely name t-shirts haha. we all jumped in the mini bus waiting for us outside the hotel which took us to the go karting place. After stuffing ourselves on unlimited pizza, we got started! It was so much fun! In the past I've always been too scared to try but this time, I was older and there was no way of getting out of it now, I'm so glad I did though, I had the best time ever, I even came first in the first set which I thought rightly so because I was one of the only ones with an actual driving license. The second race I came third but it's ok because I still got a trophy woo. I think we were all shocked at how much fun we had. Part 1 - successful.
We then had to rush back to the hotel and had 45 minutes to get ready for a boys night out. The girls were not happy but I was fine, put my peplum and my heels on, re-did my eyeliner and I was ready to go, I'm good like that - and it's a good job too because Lorna's stuff took up every empty space in the room. I don't even know how all of that stuff came out of her tiny suitcase - and it meant I have the other 35 minutes to charge up my phone, relax and get drinking the complementary wine!
We stared our night at the Indian restaurant. It's a shame because it wasn't great. I think we were sat in there for around 3 hours which put a bit of a rush on the rest of the night, the service in there were terrible and the food wasn't great. But after we got out of there, our night got interesting! We walked onto our next part - the strip club, Platinum Lace. As I said, we were in a bit of a rush so we didn't spend long at all in there but it was really interesting. We sat there chatting/watching with a glass of champagne for a while before walking down to the sea front to find the club - Shoosh. We were given VIP entry which involved our own table, a bottle of vodka (with a sparkler woo) and loads of shots. After the club we all pilled into a taxi and made the driver stop outside the kebab shop before walking drunk back to the hotel.  
I had a great weekend and I'd like to thank Eclipse Leisure for choosing me to take part! I had the best time!

Remeber to check out everyone else blog :D 

And now for the photos that the girls haven't seen yet! You see, the photos above were taken by Jamie. I was the only one who took my own photos so here are some exclusives for you.

*In collaboration with brand
*Weekend organised and paid for by Eclipse Leisure


  1. What a good idea to try out a stag weekend! Hope you had a great weekend! x


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