CHRISTMAS: Gift Ideas For Andrew

Today I am sending Andrew to Westfield after work to buy his own presents from my parents! I know. I am a terrible girlfriend but he was going there anyway to get some Christmas stuff and know one else has time to go otherwise! My parents always get him a voucher so at least its not ruining any surprise.

For Christmas, so far, I have only got him a new super dry jacket. He doesn't want anything else yet - I only ever get him clothes and he wants them after Christmas when we have all stopped eating and get back to normal size haha. So Christmas is turning into a month long present giving period for me because his birthday is Jan 23rd so it's all mushing into one. 

So while I'm sat at home today and taking a break from job searching, I am looking for the sorts of things I can buy him that wont be affected by getting fat over Christmas. We don't do surprises so I might show him my ideas and see if he fancies any of them! If not, then it looks like we are going to be spending alot of January at either Lakeside or Westfield, not that I mind too much ahaha.
He wont admit it but I'm sure he gets cold, so here we have it, A scarf! Very simple and very manly! and I do love a good cable knit!

He's been into wearing these things and your head kinda always stays the same size right?! I love this colour combination as well!
 He loves Michael McIntyre and I will definitely have to do some snooping at his house to find out which ones he already has (which could possible be all of them) before I go and buy anther one! Apparently, he always gets one for his dad and his dad always gets one for him by accident so they always end up with 2. Maybe I should just keep safe and not get one at all ahhh.

For most occasions, I get him a new pair of vans. Boys are weird, he wears this one pair of shoes every single and night until the next birthday or Christmas when I get him a new pair and then he does the same thing! We've done blue and we've done maroon and I thought this colour was a little bit different and interesting.
He lives in the 2 pairs I got him earlier this year so a new pair wouldn't go amiss. Where as i bought more neutral colours before I love the brighter colour of these and I think they will still go with alot of his t-shirts.

As well as this buying new vans saga, we have the same thing with belts, he seems to go through them so quickly. Either he is breaking them or loosing them, seriously he lost his only pair of  black chinos with his only belt for about 4 month this year. And then his dad just found them in the washing. Andrew can always do with a new belt!

I know he is quite an arsenal fan, he even had a job working there for a bit and they have an official gift website. This wallet was my favourite of the lot because the aresnal-ness of it isn't too over powering haha
He has been toying with the idea of getting a Chinese looking tattoo for a while now so I thought this might be a fun way to try it out and then wash it off it he doesn't like it.
Have You Finished Your Christmas Shopping Yet?
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  1. Shopping for boys is always impossible! I can never get my boyf surprises because I always panic I'll get the wrong thing. I end up just saying "choose what you want" and giving him my card details. So festive. Love your blog girl, following.
    Chloe x
    The Little Plum UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

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