LIFESTYLE: Staycation Over Vacation?

When it comes to holidays I am very much a 'going abroad' person. As I said earlier this week, I am actually on holiday right now!! I like to get away from the UK and have a proper culture change, different food, different weather and new things to see but according to a survey that Parkdean Holidays recently conducted, it’s clear that the British staycation is clearly still alive and kicking.

Parkdeans asked me 'Have you ever chosen to holiday in the UK over abroad?' This year, No. And if it was a choice, I would never choose a staycation over going abroad although that doesnt mean I wouldnt enjoy a little staycation as well as my holiday abroad! 

Maybe four or five years ago, as a family, we became a little bit obcessed with foresty holiday parks. We went for about three year in a row and just loved being outside in the forest, riding our bikes everywhere and the big swimming pool and rapids! My parents were even looking into going again this year while I was away with Andrew in Mallorca - Molly would love it - we have definitely been looking into Staycations alot more since she came along!

Their survey also revealed some local gastronomy preferences with the iconic and much-loved cream tea proving a ‘must-try’ amongst 62% of women in particular – be it Devonshire or Cornish. Most people agreed jam first, then clotted cream on top which is pretty interesting becuase I am a cream first kinda gal - The Devon way and the best of course. 

Have you ever chosen to holiday in the UK over abroad?

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  1. cream then jam- are you mad! I mean I know it wont affect the taste but I like a good spread and as jam is harder to spread thats why I like it first.
    I used to go abroad a lot when i was younger and now I've grown i prefer to be nearer to home.


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