BEAUTY: LUSH, Frozen Bath Bomb

 Do you want to have a bath bomb? Do you want to splash and play?

After really loving the Intergalactica bathbomb, I was super excited to use Frozen. Another Oxford Street exclusive which is great for me because I walk past the store on my way to work but luckily for everyone else, they are now stocked online for £3.95. If you do get a chance though, I would say make an effort to see the new store - its such a great Lush experience. One thing I love about is the sinks upstairs where why just throw in a bathbomb to demonstrate so you can have a little look before you decide which one to buy!

I love a bathbomb and it seems like the new Oxford Street exclusives are the best Lush have ever done - well in my opinion anyway! The two different shades of blue that come out of this one are super pretty along with a super fine silver glitter to go with the Elsas colour scheme.

I'm hoping I got the full experience from this as it actually went in the bath after Andrew had accidentally soaked it in apple juice first. It seemed to fizz away as usual and I loved watching all the colours mix together in the bath. 

This one was sent over by the PR team but I will definitely be repurchasing!


  1. LOVE LOVE the look of this I might have to get one to enjoy when I am home for my birthday xx

  2. I had this the other day, so lovely! I love Intergalactic too xx

  3. Funny coincidence - I actually reviewed this exact same bath bomb on my blog last night! I love it too, the colours are amazing :-)


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