LIFESTYLE: Vietnamese Cooking At The School of Wok

I get the worst holiday blues so having got back from our cruise to be greeted with crazy rain and storms did not help - I just wanted to go to bed and stay there but no, I had to get up for work the next morning!

After a long start to the week, Wednesday night made it a little bit better thanks to a super fun evening with The School Of Wok. It's based in Covent Garden so I walked there after work, luckily that was during one of our little breaks from the downpour. 

I have done quite a few cookery class style events since I started blogging but this one was different from any cooking classes I've had before because it wasn't just a bloggers thing, it was a real life cooking class with that people had paid to come and learn. So I walked in, hung up my bag and put on my apron next to 11 people I had never met before.
Ovbiously, I went alone and so did three of the others - there were two couples and a group of 4 women too so its great for anyone. The four of us on our own started off a little shy but by the end of the night we were chatting and away!

The fact it wasn't just bloggers meant that it wasn't normal for me to be taking photos all night and tweeting every little thing that happened so I put my phone away and forgot about it completely. It was so refreshing to concentrate solely on having a good time. Of course I took a few photos but I was more than happy chatting to my new friends and getting stuck on with the cooking.
We made Vietnamese spring rolls, beef skewers and chicken Pho. After an hour of prepping, we went over to the hob to cook everything and when we returned the table had be transformed with flowers, candles and cutlery ready for us to eat. 

It was loads of fun and split into groups mean we all got to do everything! I'd love to give the spring rolls another try at home! They were my favourite part of the meal!

Big thanks to Virgin Experience Days and their Paint the town happy campaign for sending me along to one of their Cookery Courses at the School Of Wok!

Have You Tried Cooking Vietnamese?


  1. Oh gosh I wish I hadn't found this post near lunchtime!! The food looks great, but do you think it was worth the price?

    Laura @ What's Hot?

  2. Ahh amazing, I've heard such great things about the School of Wok! Looks like you had a fab night! x

  3. Oh looks great! I also like the spring roll.

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