LIFESTYLE: Money Saving Tips At Uni

My brother started uni last week. He went on his first lads holiday this summer but apart from that, my mum has always done everything for him from waking him up in the morning to making him eat a sandwich when she has realised he has been too lazy to make himself anything to eat all day and its now 3pm.

So for the past few weeks we have been sorting him out with ideas and of course money was a big thing. We did lots of research and also I asked Andrew who was a student so I though it might be cool to share some of my new found knowledge!
Buy Supermarkets Own
This definitely doenst count for everything - but it can be great for alot of things! I absolutley love supermarket own cheap milk chocolate bars - they are actually my favourite tasting chocolate and at 30p for a family sized bar thats a massive saving on the same size for Dairy Milk. As well as that I also always have a look to see what cheeky deals are on as there is usually a few pounds to be saved there!

Keep a coin jar
Or in Andrews case, a coin mug haha. He used to fill it up with literally coppers and 5ps and he told me what when he had enough he would use it for takeaways.
Obvs, these are designed esepcially for students so its best to have one for your time at uni. The TSB one has an interest free overdraft which I suggest you try to keep out of but sometimes you might need to dip in to keep you going until your next loan comes though.
Loyalty Cards
I am the queen of loyalty cards and why not?! If you are happy to buy something why not let it count towards getting a free one in the future. Like anyone is going to turn down a free Nandos?! And on top of the usual loyalty cards, have a look around your uni town too see where you can get some student discount cards too!

*In Collaboration with TSB


  1. Great tips! Buying supermarket's own brand is definitely a good idea because there often isn't a difference in taste! I wouldn't recommend it for alcohol though.. Tesco's own brand of Vodka is disgusting bleh!

    Laura @ What's Hot?

  2. Look at ways of saving money if you need to eat out, through the week there are many restaurants and pizza locations that will run 2 for 1 features and offers. A lot of of the big food chains in the major cities (where there are actually Colleges and universities) may have lots of deals available! Nice ideas :)


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