FASHION: Shoe Trends

I love shoes - most girls do. There are new shoe trends coming every week and most of them fade out within a month so I am really picky with what ones I go out and buy and will only do it if its a trend that I really like and will be happy to wear even when they are not in anymore.

Lace up shoes are huge at the moment and that is a trend that I have bought a few pairs of. I got my lace up flats from New Look and even if I never wear them again from today, they have already been worth buying! They seem to be perfect for every occasion - I've worn them to work, clubbing in benidorm, dinner with Andrew and even the wedding. I love the look and the gold detailing on them and I love how the trend doesn't get in the way of them actually being a comfortable and practical shoe. They are my favourite ever pair of flats.

 What Are Your Favourite Pair?
Infographic by Shoetique

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