Monday night I was lucky enough to attend the BeautyCon after party in Home House just around the corner from Oxford street. It was more a vlogger event but my friend Charlotte got me an invite. woohoo

 I arrived early (as per usual) and wearing totally the wrong outfit. I though blogger event so everyone going would be dressed like a blogger. I was wrong, there were celebrity's there and everyone was super posh in black dresses and heels. Well there was nothing I could do so I had to just embrace looking totally out of place, it kinda worked for me because by the end I had people asking where my super platform trainers were from.

 I had a few people tell me they knew I was a blogger becuase I was taking photos of everything. I suppose it was a good job I didn't realise that Ashley Roberts and some other celebs were there or I wold have been trying to photograph them all night, but being the amazing photographer I am, I seem to have somehow found some photos of them on my phone anyway. 

There were free drinks, goodie bags, good music, sweets and a photobooth (some of my favourite things ever) woo

 I wore:
Top* - The Orphans Arms
Shorts - H&M 
Shoes - Office


  1. Looks like fun! You look fab, I love those high socks x

  2. Georgina you look great- I never know what to wear to events either I just were whatever I'm comfortable with. Amazing photos I wish I went
    you HAVE to cine to lfw in September :)

  3. i love your jeans! looks sexy, hot, and beautiful!!

    mind to follow each other? visit mine

    follow me and leave some comment in there just to let me know..
    i'm swear, i'll follow you as soon as possible ;*


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