Considering its only 12 I've had quite an eventful morning! Myself and Andrew got up at 7:20 (Yes, that early?!) and went down to Carnaby Street to meet with Will Keenan from Maker Studios at Fashtag Studios. All the guys there very really fun, quirky and friendlly and made us feel really welcome even theough the didn't know we were going to be there.

I dont really know much about vloggers and youtube blogging but I sat in whilst they filmed "Thank Fashtag it's friday" and I got even myself (well, Will did all the hard work)  an interview! It was quite an eyeopener and has made me give some thought about maybe starting a vlog as well as this blog. 

The finished video isn't up yet but I will add it into this post later on :)


  1. How exciting!! Looking forward to seeing the video x

  2. sounds so fun and looove you skirt, gorgeous colour!

  3. Wow, your shoes are awesome! :) xx


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