Lazy Sunday

How super cute is this whole thing?! My new perfect vintage barbie skirt arrived yesterday and I just had to wear it, I will be doing a proper post on it in the week so watch out!

Got these crazy lashes from Stargazer, definately the best place for mad lashes, they are online but I've seen loads of them around Camden if you want to check them out in person first, they really are huge. I think they would be perfect for a party or sotmhing fun. This is the second time Ive tried huge lashes and this time around they went on straight away, youve just got to get the angle right. I was really happy to find a lovley tub of easy to use glue included.

Sundays have become proper relax days for me recently, maybe a little too relaxed haha I slept at Andrews last night and then we went to a pub for lunch today, I wore his tracksuit bottoms and his t-shirt (which I'm still wearing in these photos) Sometimes wearing your boyfriend's clothes looks good right? Well not today, I was just being lazy and they were comfortable! Anyway, after a jacket potatoe and chocolate brownies with ice cream we drove back to mine and took lots of photos with all my new bits and pieces for blog posts to come later this week!

Would you wear these?
Lashes* - Stargazer
Skirt* - Fox Vintage


  1. wow these lashes are crazy!

  2. wow the skirt! oh my god i just want it!!!!
    the lashes are abit to much for me i suppose im boring haha but wheyyy they look amazing on you
    Leila xx

  3. omg amazing skirt! i have the same lashes haha

  4. Woow they're cool for a party or something!

    Love your hair!

    My Blog, Blonde but not least

  5. Wow, these are some serious lashes :)

  6. Amazing stuff, you look wonderful!! Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  7. That is such a cute and whimsically printed skirt, loving the outlandish lashes, they look amazing!

  8. Wow amazing skirt!! And it's totally ok to wear your bfs clothes I live in Chris'

  9. gorgeous outfit!

    Oo those lashes are lovely but I wouldn't wear them.. I'd be so self conscious but they do look lovely on you :)
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  10. they are lovely for a fancy dress I think:)


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