Come On Barbie, Let's Go Party

Today is my first day to have a least a bit of a rest of the whole half term. Ive been so busy with events and my internship and trying to fit in some time to see Andrew as well.

Anyway I just found these photos that Iwas meant to post last week (oops), I guess better late then never right?! It's not like I've got an outfit to show you today because I'm doing everything I can do to relax until 7 when I have work which means staying in my pjs all day.

So how are we liking this super cute vintage barbie skirt? Adel over at fox vintage made it for me, shes amazing at what she does and such a lovely person. This skirt is a little longer than I would normally go for but thats vintage for you. The material has the cutest pattern and I love the bright colours. As always paired with my trusty crop top!

Top - ASOS
Skirt* - Fox Vintage
Shoes - ASDA
Lashes* - Stargazer

For those of you who read yesterdays post - The video is now up.

What do you think?

 I know one thing, you know I said I might start a vlog? well I'm thinking thats most probably not the case now because I forgot how horrible my voice sounds on vidoe, I absolutly hate it. I dont't know if I sound like that in real life but I don't think I could deal with recording my vcoice and then spending hours listening to it while editing. I still might try but if it doesnt go well, that will be the end of that haha. I am super cringe in this, I was so unprepared and so nervous I was talking alot of rubbish.. 
Yeah im the crop top queen, are you wearing one now? No..
 hahaha not good! 



  1. That is such a fun and cute skirt, I've never seen anything like it and it suits your effervescent personality and electric style!

  2. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog- you ate 100% coming to LFW with me next season. You look great I live the skirt and how y poo have made it so you.
    Your voice is exactly what I imagined :) and you're right you are the crop top queen!

  3. typical essex accent! ahaha soo cute! :)
    Better than my common northen accent ahaha
    amazing post as always
    leila xx

  4. oh my! I wan't that skirt! Pretty please! ;D

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    Grace X

  5. oh my! I wan't that skirt! Pretty please! ;D

    I'm hosting a giveaway - check it out now:


    Grace X

  6. what a nice skirt!!! hihi.

    follow you. if you don't mind, please follow me back okay.. ;)

  7. Ahhh, obsessed with your skirt!

    I'm following you now, I'd be thrilled if you'd follow back :)

  8. I LOVE it. I think it's so different and oh so cute. Nice job! Lovely.

  9. Haha what a great skirt! I loved Barbie and I think I still love her :D
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    Thank you so much!

  10. That skirt!!!! I love Barbie! X x

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