Hey guys!!

Today I wanna show you these cute little contact cases I got from Beautifeye! Its always nice when you can make somthing you have to do every day just a little bit more exciting.

For those of you who dont know, I wear contact lenses. so when Beautifeye agreed to send me some bits I was happy to accept! They were originally a contact lense company stocking over 150 natural looking ones and more than 750 crazy different styles. As well as that, they sell an array contact lense accessories and alot of make up.


 This is what my normal stuff from the opticians looks like, its just normal  to me you know? I've been wearing lenses for around 8 years now so its no big deal.
I've got the white case which is pretty boring and the huge bottle of sanitizer - 240 ml to be exact. You fill the pots with sanitizer and leave your lenses to soak over night.
I think the only problem I have with this is that I'm a baby and can't keep my lenses in all day becuase I get headaches and I can't take it haha i think sometime i just imagine i have a headache but yeah i dont know, anyway it means that I'm constantly wanting to take them out half way though the day or somtimes if I know its going to be a long day I'll just wear my galsses, sighh.

One of the products I got from beautifeye fixed this problem, YEY! 
It's a little travel kit, I've never seen a travel kit before not even at the airport of somwhere like that so I was rather pleased with this. It means I don't have to carry they bottle everywhere and it's super cute! It comes in hello kitty, spongebob, stitch or just plain colours. 

I'd totally recommend this for anyone who wears contacts- even if you can keep them in all day (show offs) this set is great for sleepovers or little overnight trips.
As well as the cute carry case I got a couple of fun cases for when I'm at home, just making everyday things moreinteresting.


  1. I so would have got these if I wore the monthly contacts, the dailys dont require the cases but they look so cute! x

  2. I may have to buy these for my contacts they are so cute!

    Lauren x

  3. The travel kit looks so cute, xoxo.

  4. The travel kit is really fun ;)
    Nice blog

    Bisous from FRANCE


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