FASHION: #MotelFestival

Last week I was invited to the Motel Rocks press day to check out their new collection. Motel Rocks don't do thinks like other brands, their press day was in an underground bar. We were welcomed with a Malibu cocktail in red cups. There was a popcorn machine, candy floss, a photo booth and a couple of band performances to accompany their new collection! 

I have been Motel's biggest fan for as long as I can remember - My first ever blog post - here - was even about my love of their dresses and how I bought the same one is three different colours haha I now have four haha.
As usual the whole range is amazing, it consisted of lots of co ords and amazing textures as well as some of their staple sparkly dresses! Motel also never fail to amaze me with their patterns, it went from lemon prints to acid green and black strips and lots in between! I loved most of it!

Thanks Motel for a lovely evening full of pretty clothes and a great chance to catch up with friends! 

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  1. ah so awesome! were u able to take any pieces home? wish i could do things like this! so lucky to be in the uk! i love motel too!
    - Andrea


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