Motel Renee Dress

Love the Motel Rocks Renee Dress so much in fact that i have three! I have so many items from Motel at the moment I am completely obcessed, they use the most comfortable material, like a t-shirt which makes all the dress sooo easy to wear! They are very original with the 'Cage Ladder' back on this particualr dress, it makes the dress very intersting and i havent come across anything like it anywhere else. It can also be good for me if i wanna go out and keep my 11inch scar covered! I will tell you more about the at some point. its a very big part of my life. But yeahhh I actually have three altoughter at the moment but i havent got a good photo of the third, I'll find one from their site.
Ok so the first dress is Motels Reness Dress in Peacock Green
This picture was taken like just as i woke up and my dress had just arrived, I was so excited it had come i had to try it on straight away. So im looking nice and thin cos i havent eaten anything yet woo :) The shoes i wasnt meant to be wearing becuase they were bought for my brothers barmitzvah so i was saving them but you know, its just for a photos had to put them on they are amazing, from New Look 6 Inch gold glitter wedges with a black shoe part only £25 which is great but then again not as great as the dress which was in the sale for just £11 OMG. 

Soo i took it with my when i went to visit my friend Georgia In Nottingham
And then i wore it last week then i went out for dinner with my boyfriend :)

Then there is my rose print renee dress. This is such a cute dress, exaclty the same style but with a couple of roses down the side. I wore it here for the night before the bar mitzvah when we had loads of people round. it was so comfortable even jsut to be around the house in and i had sooo many complements. Also got my first designer item on here.. the shoes haha they are vivienne westwood ohhh myy they are amazing and i got the half price!! well it could even be call quarter price cos me and my Andrew Split it :) Hes my boyfriendd

This is me and Andrew <3
With My Grandparents <3

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