Hands and Feet

Today it was too hot to even get dressed and that is why today i will be blogging about my nails rather than my clothes. I just sat in my garden in an Orange mobile t-shirt all day and ate strawberrys and meringues.

 My mum went to Dubai today (on work with the Nazila Love Glamour team) so i had to persuade her to do all of my nails before she went because i have a summer ball next week, and you just cant go to these things with bare nails! The great thing about this gel is that i can have it done this week and it will still look the same next week, no chips, no smudges.
Last night at 10 she did my nails. We used Nazila love glamour gel, as ive mentioned before! This time i chose one of their encrusted colours, in a light baby blue - LED gel 148 -Tinkerbell. Its a very soft colour, which is the complete opposite from what im used to with bright neon colours but it will go nicely with my shimmery dress so its fine. They have a colour for every occasion.

Then in the afternoon today cleverly got my toes done too! I chose Barry M Blue Glitter so it was the same kinda thing. sorry for the jokes picture, it made me laugh

Here are some photos i took on my phone while i was laying on the grass in the sun today :)


  1. love that Barry M blue! Cute post! :)

    I'm having a jewellery giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out :) xx

    1. Thankyou!!
      Yep checked it out and entered :) hope i win wooo xxx


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